Our Services

We provide different kinds of services such as sale & purchase of residential plots, sale & purchase of commercial plots, high rise plots, construction project management, property rental & investments.

Sales/Purchase of Residential Plots

Tower Marketing proposes the sale and purchase of commercial and residential property. We are always here to support you in your investment and guide you in better ways where you can undertake your property. In this regard, the property can be of any type. If you are interested to buy or sell a home, shop, or any building. We will always assist you and grant you a better opinion.

Sale/Purchase of Commercial Plots

Tower Marketing is already assisting numerous societies with their marketing provisions. Our team of marketing experts is always standing behind you for your marketing needs and guides you further on which area you need to sell or buy for more profit. Tower Marketing has arranged a different kind of plotting scheme for sale/ purchase for this purpose.

High Rise Plots

We made plotting schemes for high rise and low rise as this will be easy and facilitate for our clients. Some people demand high rise plots, so we made their specific area and few requirements for less area. That is why no dilemmas will come through in the way.

Construction Project Management

Tower Marketing has an excellent truthful, responsible, and reliable constructor. It is nicely safe to say that you can blindly trust our experts. They will lead you toward upcoming projects and will provide you with the correct advice. Which project will suit you according to your investment.

Property Rental

We have a wide range of rental properties for our clients. If you are searching for a reliable property counselor, look no further! Tower Marketing will provide your rental property in the best way possible, keeping your requirements and budget in mind. We devote our best opportunities for rental in Islamabad and Rawalpindi for our client’s business or residential needs.


We made our setup for you people to provide you better consultation for your good investment securing your future. Adequate investment grants you better possibilities for your future. An investment is an asset to generate income or appreciation. When any client purchases a good as an investment, the objective is not to consume the good but rather to use it in the future to create wealth.